Helping in fear

Today, in the afternoon, I had to drop my aunt home. When I was returning back, I noticed a guy calling. “Dai (Brother)” he shouted as I slowed my scooter to a stop. He came rushing; limping, but rushing. “Which road are you going by? Could you drop me a little ahead?” He asked.
I don’t know what got over me, but I agreed. He got on the scooter behind me. I noticed that he was way too close sticking to my back. “Where to?”, I asked. “Near Apex College”, He said. Although I normally don’t take that road, I said.. Hey what the hey.. I thought I was doing a good deed. As I drove, We reached close to NavaDurga Department store, He told me to go right. “But Apex college is straight ahead”, I pointed out. He leaned in to me and started stammering “Oh !! did I say Apex college? I meant..I meant..”…..
“Ace college?” I questioned.. I knew it was close by. “Yes”, he said.. I started wondering why someone would ask for a ride for such a short distance. “I was in an accident at satdobato”, he explained as he put all of his body weight on me. I could feel his hand against my back and I noticed the possibility that this guy may want to rob me. “I lost all my money, my phone… How am I going to explain my father what happened?” He said the same thing again and again in the 1 minute it took from the nawadurga Department store to Ace College. “Could you move a little back, Its getting unconfortable.” I said, just because I feared he’d stab me. Seriously. I feared he’d stab me.

“Take a left here.”, he said, as we neared Ace college. I gazed at the small street that the left turn would lead us to. It was a street where no-one was walking. Like a mini-ghost-town. To be frank, I got a hell lot scared. “I have to go straight from here..” I muttered.”You go ahead on foot”. He leaned on me again and said, “I just got back from an accident. I can’t walk.”

I felt empathetic and scared at the same time. I mean, what if this guy was telling the truth? I’d be letting an injured and helpless guy walk to his home. But what if he wasn’t? What if he was luring me into this small alleyway to rob me? or stab me? I turned left.

As I was riding through the small street, I had to repeatedly remind him to move back because he was leaning his whole body on me. “Just stop here”, he said, “this is my stop”. As he got off, the first thing I did was check my wallet and phone. I then turned back to see him limping inside a door and I noticed his foot was all bloody. He was in fact, telling the truth.

I hurried home where a friend was waiting for me. I told her the story and asked if she’d give a ride to someone who asked for help. She said NO. I understood because she was a woman. I questioned myself if I’d give a ride to someone in the future myself. But all I knew was that I had helped a guy in need and I was shit scared doing so because of what the society has become in our perception.




  1. You had me worried as I read this…though a kind thing to do…seems dangerous.

    1. I was worried myself…
      But what could you do after you’d agreed to give a ride to someone?

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