A little thief broke into my lonely house one night

With a knife in one hand; and the other, a torch light

He jumped through the window which I forgot to lock

And the thumping sound was what woke me up


I looked through the keyhole of my bedroom door

Just to see a person lying motionless on the floor

I opened the door and went close to him

Too young to be a thief I’d say, about thirteen


He got up and looked here and there

He looked at me and then had a scare

He tried to run but he failed at the task

I caught him and pulled out his mask


And it was then that I saw her long black hair

And her big blue eyes, both filled with tears

I thought for a moment and picked her up the floor

Then gave her some money and let her out the door


She said “Thank You sir” and then gave me a smile

I said “you’re welcome” and then thought for a while

Was the act I did for her best interest?

I felt that I had done wrong, to be honest


I fed her once and she went her way

But she will steal again, some other day

It was her innocent face that won my heart

And its her theft that will tear her life apart


And one night she won’t be as lucky as today

A cruel man may catch her and make her pay

And yet she will continue to steal like this

Till someone somewhere teaches her how to fish



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