The story of a chocolate

Hey guys.. Here’s a story I want you to read but not read into.

Once there was a factory which wanted to create a chocolate bar which contained things that people liked. They asked people for suggestions one by one to add everything that people wanted to the chocolate bar. They asked around.

A group of realists wanted the chocolate to taste like one. They suggested adding cocoa to make the chocolate have its original characteristic. The factory agreed. The cocoa was made the base of the chocolate.

A group of wise people wanted the chocolate to be sweet. So they suggested that the chocolate contain a small amount of sugar. They reasoned that the people will love the sweetness it provides. The factory agreed. They added a little sugar to make the chocolate a little sweet.

A group of curious people wanted some surprise in the chocolate. So they suggested adding some hidden nuts. They reasoned that the hidden nuts will provide a flavor as well as give a sense of surprise. The factory agreed. They added hidden nuts which would surprise people eating it for the first time.

A group of adventurous people wanted the chocolate to be different. They suggested adding something sour to the sweet to mix the flavors. They reasoned that the combination will be something new and bring a new flavor that would attract a bigger crowd. The factory agreed. They added an extra sour taste which made the chocolate bar taste even better.

A group of chocolate lovers wanted the chocolate to be chewy. They suggested adding soft caramel. They reasoned that the chewy taste will keep the chocolate bar last longer as well as provide a great eating experience. The factory agreed. They added soft caramel and made the chocolate more chewy turning the chocolate a better experience.

Then came a group of assholes who were greedy. They demanded that the chocolate be covered with shit. They reasoned that they liked the taste of shit and wanted it on the chocolate. The factory agreed. They covered the chocolate with shit. It made the chocolate taste horrible for everyone else.

Although the chocolate still contained cocoa, sugar, nuts and was sour and chewy, nobody ate the chocolate apart from some assholes. They ruined it for everybody.

MORAL: Don’t listen to assholes.



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