I still remember the first time I typed “Hey”,
On her Facebook chat; and waited for a reply.
Those few seconds seemed like a whole day –
And I’ve never felt time go so slowly by.

I remember us talking for hours and hours on –
About things that others wouldn’t understand;
Things that other people may frown upon,
Things that, well, others would consider bland.

I remember waiting all night till morn –
Without noticing that she’d messaged before;
That she’d lost internet because of a storm,
And that the connection wouldn’t be fixed till four.

And I remember her long absent times too –
As sometimes weeks passed by without a talk.
With me waiting with nothing much to do;
But to wait every night staring at the clock.

I remember how those long chats everyday
Turned shorter and shorter as time passed by.
With reduced frequencies of her online stay,
And me not being able to question why.

I remember our talks changing topics too;
As they became more vague, short and shy.
“Hey”. “Hi”. “How are you?” “Good, you?”.
“I’m good too..So…”. “Listen GTG bye”.

I thought too much of her long frequent scarcity.
“Maybe she’s busy. Maybe with another friend.”
“Maybe she’s too grown up to chat with me.”
“Maybe our friendship has come to an end.”

I now know she is lost forever; it’s over.
We seldom talk, and that too lessens with time.
Maybe this poem will keep a part of her closer.
A close friend. A lost friend of mine.

We’ve come a long way since our first chat then,
And despite our deep thoughts and clumsy way;
I will always remember how it all began,
I still remember the first time I typed “Hey”.


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