the phone call

A ring on the phone;
I picked it up.
“Hello?” I said, the same was the reply.
“How are you?” followed from the other end.
“Good. Why did you call?” I inquired.
“I dont know” you answered.
And I couldn’t believe my ears.
They are not used to hearing such meaningless words.
For it has always been
“Hey my computer’s broken. Will you fix it?”
“When can you come over to teach?”
“Can you drop me off today, please.”
“When’s the meeting?”
“When are you sending in the documents?”
“Have you done the work I assigned you?”
“I’m having homework problems, can you help me?”
“My code doesn’t work, could you refine it for me?”
“Could you guide my son? He needs help.”
“My Laptop’s infected with viruses, What do I do?”
“I can’t make it today. Could you cover for me?”

But in all those words with meaning,
I found more meaning in your meaningless words.
You once told me that you weren’t a good friend.
I think this proves otherwise.
“Hey I’m sorry I need to go, Breakfast’s ready.”
I lied. For I knew I could not contain my happiness.


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