A Placeholder for the future

I met a stranger in the alleyway today
All dressed up in a grand suit
His shoes shiny enough to reflect his grin
And a top hat to top it all up..

He asked me for a light to burn up a cigarette..
I said I didn’t have any for I did not smoke…
And now that he thought he’d broken the ice
He started asking me deep questions about life

And because he was but a stranger to me
I did not feel any obligation to answer
I did however feel a sense of betrayal
As he told me of the rumors he’d heard…

And I know that this poem is shit to you
But I wanted to write it anyway
A metaphor hidden in the words somewhere
Would remind me of a past where I was betrayed



  1. Geneviève · · Reply

    Ha! I know this person! Cookie cutter cut out, back stabbing, trash talker.

    1. We all have someone like this in our lives, don’t we?

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